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The Importance Of Customer Service For Your Company

Have you ever wondered how important customer support for your business actually is? It might be that you know but it’s worth checking some innovate tips! Learn how to build a long-lasting relationship ...

Jaime S.

January 8,2019

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Best Practices to improve your live chat service & customer satisfaction

We explain the steps needed to have best practices with your live chat support system and therefore to improve your customer satisfaction rates...

Jaime S.

April 27,2018

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5 Live Chat Important Phrases That Need To Be Added To Your Canned Messages

We have listed what we believe are the most important topics that we must bear in mind when creating canned responses (chat shortcuts)...

Jaime S.

June 28,2018

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The Benefits of using Live-Chat services

Offering support through Live-chat services can incredibly improve your customers level of satisfaction. Still wondering why? Well, don’t worry, we’ll explain everything..

Jaime S.

April 26,2018

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