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livechat system - onWebChat easy integration with Wix

Easy connection

With onWebChat live chat software, it takes just seconds to add live chat to your Wix website and start talking directly to your customers.

onWebChat can help you grow your Wix website

Our live chat system in combination with our automated chat start (triggers) will offer you the opportunity to increase your sales both in numbers and in volume while the use of onWebChat for customer support will help you see to your visitors questions and problems instantly and in a highly effective way, resulting in a higher number of satisfied customers.

Wix installation instructions

Step 1 Open the Wix website editor and click "Add" on the left hand side.

Wix - onWebChat live chat - installation instructions step1

Step 2 Select "More" and then select "HTML iframe".

Wix - onWebChat live chat - installation instructions step2

Step 3 A box will be placed in the middle of your page. Click on "Enter code" button and paste in the onWebChat chat code, where it says "Add your code here (HTTPS only)".

Wix - onWebChat live chat - installation instructions step3

Step 4 Click on "Apply" button and close that box. Right click on the box that you inserted in the middle of your page and select "Show on All Pages" and then "Pin to Screen".

Wix - onWebChat live chat - installation instructions step4

Click on the bottom right or bottom left corner of the image (where you like to place the chat widget) and set "Horizontal offset" and "Vertical offset" to 0px.

Now close this box and set the HTML box to fit the chat window when it is opened. 500 px width and 550px height, should be fine. Finally click on "Publish" and open your website on a new tab to test onWebChat.

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