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Frequently Asked Questions

Top questions

What plans are available?
There are two plans available:

Free : For small business with basic features and up to 100 chats/month. Premium : More features available to help you get the most of our live chat service.

Check out our pricing page for more information and plan comparison page for a full listing of features available in each plan.
Do you provide a mobile app?
Yes, we provide an Android app for free. We don’t provide an iOS app.
In which languages is Operator Console available?
onWebChat Operator Console (Dashboard) is available in the following languages: English, Swedish, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Slovenian, Greek and Turkish. Additionally, the chat window can be customized with text in any language of your choice.
Where can I find my invoices?
Login to your onWebChat account, click the menu on the top right corner, click on Payments and select Payment History tab. On this page you can see all your payments and you can download your invoices.
Can I use my account on multiple domains?
Yes, you can use your onWebChat account on multiple domains (websites). Please note that under the Premium Plan, billing is based on the number of operators, not the number of domains.


Do I have to pay to sign up?
No, payments are not required to sign up. When you sign up with us, you get a free Premium Plan for one month. You can use this time to try and test our software. After one month if you don't process a payment for the Premium Plan, your account will be turned into a Free Plan one.
How can I pay?
You can pay by credit/debit card or PayPal. We don't accept American Express at the moment. There are no additional costs and you can cancel your subscription at any time.
Are there any discounts?
Yes, we do offer discounts for advance payments. You can get a 28% discount applied if you choose for a single 12-month payment or a 14% for 6-month payment. In addition, there is a discount (up to 60% off) based on the number of operators you want to add. Contact us for more details.
How can I cancel my subscription?
You have the ability to cancel your subscription at any time. Simply log into your account, navigate to the menu located at the top right corner, proceed to the 'Payments' page, and click on the 'Cancel Subscription' button. Please note, your plan will remain active until the end of your current payment period.
How can I change my payment method?
If you have an active subscription, you can change your payment method. Simply go to the Payments page (Change Plan) and click the 'Update Payment Method' button.

AI chatbots

How can I integrate the AI chatbot into my website?
If you haven't yet joined onWebChat, simply sign up for an account. Once registered, drop us an email at support@onwebchat.com expressing your interest in testing our AI chatbot. We'll promptly enroll your account in our beta program and credit you with 50 free AI bot chats for your evaluation.
How is the AI chatbot priced?
Currently, you can try our beta AI bot at no cost. Once the finalized version is launched, you'll need to be on our Premium plan with at least one operator to use the AI chatbot. Additionally, chatbot credits will be required, with pricing set at roughly $5 for every 100 chat dialogues.
How can I share feedback about the AI chatbot?
If you encounter any issues or have suggestions regarding our AI chatbot, please email us at support@onwebchat.com. Your feedback is crucial for enhancing our chatbot. To optimize its performance for your visitors, we recommend reviewing the AI chatbot's interaction history and updating it with new Q&A (questons and answers) pairs as necessary.
Can the AI chatbot understand and communicate in multiple languages?
Yes, our AI chatbot has multilingual support. However, as it's in beta, we are continuously working to improve its language capabilities and accuracy.
Is my data secure with the AI chatbot?
At onWebChat, your security and privacy are paramount. Our AI chatbot upholds rigorous data protection, just like all our offerings. It utilizes OpenAI's GPT model, ensuring chats are used solely to provide the service and don't refine OpenAI's models. While OpenAI may monitor data for misuse and retain it securely for up to 30 days, it's then permanently deleted.

Account settings

How can I change the email where I get offline emails?
On Settings page, click on Widget and Offline Form. There you can set up to two comma separated email addresses to receive your offline messages. Leave this field blank to disable email notifications. All offline messages are also available on the dashboard.
How can I change my account’s country?
Please contact us to change it.
How can I change the email of an operator?
To change the email of an operator, you can go to 'Settings' > 'Operators' and edit the operator you want to update.
Can I set auto logout for operators?
Yes, you can set your status to invisible, if you are inactive for some time. Click on the menu, on the top right corner of Operator Console and select Account. You can find this setting as 'Go invisible after'.


Is there a white-label option?
Yes, on the Premium Plan you can hide onWebChat logo from your chat window.
    To hide onWebChat logo:
  • Go to dashboard > Settings.
  • Click Appearance tab.
  • Activate 'Hide onWebChat logo' button.
  • Click save.
Can I track visitors to my website?
You can see your visitors live with visitor monitoring. You can see their status, country, operating system, page, time on your website and more. When you chat with a visitor you can also see all pages he has visited on your website.
Can I transfer the chat to another operator?
Yes, you can transfer the chat to another connected operator. The chat should be active and the visitor on your website.
Can I invite visitors to chat?
Yes, you can use two types of greetings to engage visitors on your website:
Triggers - Automated messages that triggers when certain conditions are met.
Manual – operator clicks on a visitor on visitors list to chat with him.
How can I enable chat ratings?
  • From the dashboard, go to Settings > Widget.
  • Select the 'Chat Rating' tab.
  • Activate the 'Use Chat Ratings' button.
  • Click Save.

Visitors can rate chats when the chat is over (by the operator or visitor) or at any time upon operator request (on Chat page, click 'More Actions' > 'Ask for rating').

On the dashboard, you can see chat ratings on the History page and average rating on Statistics page.
How can I use departments?
  • From the dashboard, go to
    "Settings > Departments".
  • Create your departments and specify which operators belong to each one.
  • Then go to "Settings > Widget".
  • Select the 'Pre-Chat Form' tab.
  • Activate the 'Use Departments' button. (Pre-Chat Form should be enabled)
  • Click Save.

Visitors can now choose which department they want to chat with!

More advanced topics

How can I test triggers?
If you have trouble testing triggers, please open a new browser tab and delete all page cookies and session storage or use a new private tab. That’s because each visitor should see one trigger at most when visiting a website. So note, that if you have set multiple triggers, only one will be activated for a visitor. Finally the chat status should be online in order the triggers to be activated.
How can I create a button on my website to open the chat widget?
You can use our Javascript api:
<input type=button value='open chat!' onclick='onWebChat.set("max",1);'>
to maximize the chat window. This is a button, you can use the same function in a link. For more details see our Javascript Api
Do you offer an affiliate program?
Yes, we do. If you are interested in our affiliate program, please let us know.
How can I insert a line break in the chat?
You can press Shift+Enter to insert a line break into your chat. This works for both visitors and operators.
What file types/size can I send?
Files can be up to 50MB and for your security we only permit the following file types: JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, DOCX, XLSX, PDF, TXT, RTF.
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