AI Chatbots: The Future of Customer Support is Here

Work more efficiently

Let the AI bot handle incoming chats while your team focuses on complex issues and high-value interactions.

Round-the-Clock Support

Our chatbot seamlessly bridges the gap during non-working hours, ensuring visitors always find assistance 24/7.

Quickly address visitor queries, even during peak times, reduce wait times, and enhance customer engagement. Experience real-time support like never before — always available, always responsive.

AI Excellence in Responses

Our AI bot doesn't provide copy-paste predefined answers. Instead, it's trained on your data, capable of comprehending any question, and skilled at integrating information to deliver accurate, human-like responses powered by the newest ChatGPT model!

onWebChat live chat chat bot

Full Control, Customized Interactions

While our AI is already sophisticated, we're committed to continuous improvement and reliability. Our robust question-answer (QA) system allows you to fine-tune the chatbot's interactions. Should the bot produce content that deviates from your brand's voice or values, you have the flexibility to edit or remove the text. Furthermore, you can continually train the bot with fresh data, ensuring ongoing improvement and heightened performance.

Take Control with Ease

Our AI chatbot notifications keep you in the loop by alerting you to incoming chat messages and allowing you to review the bot's responses. Should you wish to intervene, a single click enables you to seamlessly transition from automated to live human support.

Low-Cost Assistance Around the Clock

Ensure your visitors always have the support they need without breaking the bank. At just $6 for 200 AI bot credits, accessibility and affordability are at the forefront of our service. Take advantage of our bulk packages, with 500 credits at only $13 or 1000 credits for $24. Each chat (dialog) is charged 1 credit. Invest in a smarter, cost-effective support solution and elevate your customer service experience!

Why wait?

Join the future of interactive customer support now. Embrace the cutting-edge technology of onWebChat's AI chatbot and elevate your customer service experience. If you haven't signed up yet, now is the perfect time! Get started with 50 free bot credits and see the difference it makes on your website.
Ready to dive in? Click here for an easy guide on setting up, training, and testing your own AI chatbot.

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The AI Chatbot engages with visitors using conversational, human-like language!

The AI Chatbot doesn't just copy your website's content or the QAs you've set up. It uses this information to provide focused answers to each visitor's question.

The conversational fluency and accurate information from the AI Chatbot make it challenging for visitors to discern whether they're interacting with a human or an AI bot.

Are you ready to better support your clients?

Sign up now and enjoy one month of our Premium plan plus 50 AI chatbot credits for free.

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