onWebChat live chat support system allows you chat with your website visitors.
But it’s not only a support tool, it can increase your sales, convert visitors to customers and much more.

onWebChat live chat widget customize colors and languages

Make onWebChat match your brand

Through some easy steps you can make chat widget match your brand totally and really quickly.

You can set its colour, the colous of the bubbles, its size, its position, its background as well as a number of other features.

In this way it will look appealing to users and it will help you increase your sales as well as offering better customer support.

Engage your customers - start a conversation

Through the automated dialogues (triggers) it is very easy to start a conversation with a visitor in need.

The only thing you need to do is set the parameters in order for the automated conversation to begin as well as the first automated message that is going to appear.

Quite a few e-shops use automated conversations when a user finds himself at the checkout page for a certain time period. In this way they succeed in reducing cart abandonment and increasing conversions.

Get all info you need to make a sale

Regardless of how a conversation started, you have all the relevant information you need at hand.

You can access a wealth of information, like how much time a visitor has spent on your website and how many times he has visited your website before, the websites he browsed earlier, the country of origin, the city/town, if he’s on his desktop or mobile device and so on.

If this is not the first time you have had a conversation with this particular person you can scan through the whole conversation history in the conversation window without having to visit a different page.

Moreover, you can keep notes on any visitor and these will be at your disposal at any time.

onWebChat - live chat importance quote

Provide better support
increase your customers satisfaction!

Through the forwardness of live chat you can respond to any questions by your visitors – customers on the spot.

That thing will secure a really positive impression for you and it takes the load off other support channels, such as phone lines or email messages which, normally, require more time and effort.

onWebChat - live chat shortcuts


The shortcuts give you the opportunity to save the most common of your responses, your welcoming messages or your thank you notes thus saving you precious time and effort from having to type them again.

onWebChat - live chat file sharing

File Sharing

You can exchange all types of files quickly and hassle-free through the chat facility.

onWebChat - live chat type insights

Typing Insights

With typing insights you are able to see what your visitor types in before he presses the “send” button. Therefore you have time to prepare your answer better and your visitor won’t have to wait long to receive an answer from you.

Make support better
make it less expensive!

Real-time visitor monitoring

See the pages your visitors browse in real time. onWebChat categorizes them automatically through different criteria, such as if they are active or not, which page they are currently browsing, the country, etc.

In this way you can have an overall view of what is going on in your site at any time and start a conversation with that particular visitor you feel necessary to address.

Chat on your phone - Support on the go

With our native Android application it is very easy to offer customer support even when you are out of the office.

In that way, no matter the size of your business, you can offer exceptional customer support services.

The shortcuts in combination with the really easy UI of our application will allow you to talk to your visitors by putting in only minimum effort.

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Focus on the important stuff – leave the rest to onWebChat

With the pre-chat form you can collect some data from your visitors which you consider as important when they start a conversation with you.

In that way you save time and all the information you need about your visitors – discussants are always at your disposal.

And even when it’s not business hours…we have the offline form!

onWebChat can collect all your visitor messages, when you are disconnected and forward them to a pre-determined email address.

Those messages can also be found in the “Offline Messages” page, in the Operator Console of the onWebChat, so it easy to locate them as they are all gathered in one place.

Chats are routed to the right support team using departments

Improve the efficiency and quality of your support with departments.

Once your team has grown beyond one or two chat agents you will need to group them. This way your site visitors will always talk to the right person.

Ask for rating, ...improve your support

Ask your visitors for feedback with our chat rating.

Get a better sense of their satisfaction and monitor your operators performance.

This way your support team will become better and better over time.

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