Triggers are chat messages that are pushed automatically based on rules when a visitor is on your website.

Create new trigger

To create a trigger, you must go to the page: Settings (1) / Triggers (2). Then click on the green button (3) and set the following data.

live chat system - onWebChat create a new trigger (auto started chat)

Trigger name (4): Used to separate triggers.

Trigger description(5): Used for a more detailed description of the trigger. (It is not mandatory)

Select Trigger for all or specific pages of the website (6): You set the time after which the trigger will be activated. If you choose the second option you need to specify the URL of the pages that you want to be activated.

live chat system - onWebChat setup a new trigger (auto started chat)

Imagine that you have an online store and you want to activate a trigger when a visitor is for more than 40 seconds on the page including shipping information (page name: order-info.php). Just add the name of the page order-info.php and set the waiting time to 40 sec. Whenever a visitor remains on this page for more than 40 sec, the chat widget automatically will be maximized and a message asking for help (or any message you think is more suitable) will be shown. If the visitor types a message, he will be served by an available operator.

If you have chosen the first option, the trigger is activated when the visitor is on your website for more than the set time. In case he is on each page separately for this set time the same rule applies (time is reset when he visits another website page) - always depending on the subsequent selection.

Specify the name of the operator (7): You can specify the name of the operator which will be displayed on the visitor's chat window. The operator's name is not mandatory. If you leave it blank, no message will be shown (you are served by ..), when the trigger message is displayed. The (served by) message will be shown when an operator sends the first message. If you set a name, the message you have set in the following field: (Settings - Widget Appearance - Maximized - Served by) will be shown above the trigger text. If in this field, you have used the variable {{operator}}, then it will be replaced by the trigger operator name you have saved on trigger settings.

Set trigger text (8): Finally set the message to be displayed in the chat window when the trigger is activated.

Each visitor should see one trigger at most when visiting a website. So if you have set multiple triggers, only one will be activated for a visitor. If you want to test triggers after making a change, open the preferred website page in a new browser tab and delete all page cookies so that the trigger will be activated. The chat status should be 'online' in order the triggers to be activated.

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