Triggers are automated chat messages sent based on specific rules when a visitor is on your website.

Creating a new Trigger

To create a trigger, navigate to: Settings > Triggers Click the green button to enter the required data.

live chat system - onWebChat create a new trigger (auto started chat)

Trigger description Provide a brief description of the trigger.

Selecting Triggers for All or Specific Pages Set the activation time for the trigger. For specific pages, specify the URLs where the trigger should activate.

live chat system - onWebChat setup a new trigger (auto started chat)

For instance, in an online store, you might want to activate a trigger if a visitor spends more than 40 seconds on the shipping information page (e.g., order-info.php). Enter the page name and set the timer to 40 seconds. The chat widget will automatically maximize, displaying a pre-set message. If the visitor responds, an available operator (or your AI chatbot) will engage with them.

When choosing "whole website," the trigger is based on the total time spent by a visitor across the entire website. Conversely, if "any single page" is selected, the timing for the trigger's activation resets with each new page visit.

Setting Operator's name You can specify an operator's name to display in the chat window. Leaving this field blank will not display a "served by" message until an operator initiates contact. If a name is provided, it will appear above the trigger message, following settings from Settings - Widget Appearance - Maximized - Served by. If you have entered the {{operator}} variable, it will be replaced by the operator's name from the trigger settings.

Setting Trigger text Set the message displayed in the chat window upon trigger activation.

Testing Triggers A visitor should encounter no more than one trigger during their visit. To test modifications, open your site in a new tab and clear all cookies and session data, or use a private browsing tab. Ensure the chat status is 'online' for trigger activation.
To clear site data in Chrome, press F12 to open developer tools, navigate to the 'Application' tab, and click 'Clear site data'. In Firefox, press F12, go to the 'Storage' tab, right-click 'Cookies' and 'Session Storage', and select 'delete all'.

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