Add language translations to your chat widget

In order to add multiple languages ​to your chat widget, you have to:

1. Create a text file with the translations of the languages you wish.

You can download the template file to see the format.

2. Save the file to a folder on your website's server.

3. Finally, on every page where the chat widget is installed, you must enter two javascript commands, to set the language and the text file URL.

e.g. If you would like to translate the chat widget in French, you should enter the following commands, just after the chat widget code. is your website and is the URL of the text file.

Language file description

The translation text file contains three sections similar to the status of chat widget.

  1. Minimized
  2. Connected - maximized
  3. Offline - maximized

You must set the translations texts ​​for the three status.

Here are the variables names in the text file corresponding to the chat widget texts.

1. Minimized

2. Connected - maximized

* If you wish to include the operator name, you can use the variable {{operator}} .

3. Offline - maximized


* 'name', 'email' and 'text' fields are derived from the corresponding fields of the offline form.

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