Using onWebChat platform

The onWebChat platform is very simple and easy to use. All operations are done through 4 pages which are designed to be easy and efficient to work with.


The homepage is the first page you see when connecting to our live chat system.

live chat admin dashboard

In the top left corner of this page, you can see at a glance some daily and instantaneous statistics for your website.
In particular, you will be informed about the number of visitors, whether they are connected via PC or mobile phone and the number of dialogues that have taken place that day. Finally, you will see how many and which operators are connected to the system at this time.

In the right half of the screen, you will see two useful charts. The chart of dialogues/day up (right) and the chart of the visitors/day.

Finally, at the bottom left of the page, you can read the news about onWebChat service, and various tips on how you can use our live chat service better.

The chat page

This page is the main page of the onWebChat service. This is the page where you can talk with the visitors of your website. To go to this page, you can answer an incoming chat that appears on left, or you can initiate a chat with one of your visitors from visitors page (see below)

live chat chat window

The biggest part of the page is the chat window. In the lower part of this window is the area that you can write the message you want to send.

In the right part of the page, there is information about your visitors. This information shall consist of those that automatically collects onWebChat system, like the country, the operating system and the visitor's browser. Also, you can see the visited pages and finally the history of all previous chats of this visitor.

In addition to the information gathered by the onWebChat system, you can save personal information for every visitor which you will have easy access in the future.

The visitors page

Here you see all the visitors currently on your website and some useful information about them.

live chat visitors page

By clicking on a visitor on this page, you can initiate a chat with him.

With onWebChat it is very easy to find visitors you are interested in, as it offers the possibility of their categorization by different criteria. Alternatively, you can use the handy search tool and search by any criteria you want.

The History page

From this page, you can see the past chats of all visitors of your website.

live chat history page

Click on the summary of a past dialog and you can see the complete dialog between the visitor and the operator.

At the top right corner of this page, there is the handy search tool by which you can search the entire chat database with any criteria (operator name, visitor name, words in the text of the dialog, etc.).

The Settings page

From this page, you can set the most important settings of the live chat system.

live chat widget settings

The page includes some tabs, the major categories of settings.


  1. Chat widget settings page
  2. Operators settings page
  3. Shortcuts page
  4. Sounds settings page

Chat widget settings page

On this page, there are settings for the appearance (colors, text) of the chat window (chat widget) and the code you need to add to your website's pages for the installation of onWebChat service.

Operators settings page

On this page, you can create new operators and edit existing ones. Operators have two roles. Simple operators and administrators. Administrators have access to all pages and settings. They can edit the texts and the appearance of chat widget, edit and add new operators, edit and add triggers. They can change the status of connected operators. They can delete all chat history messages. Finally, they can make payments and cancel subscriptions. On this page, you can specify, the role of each operator.

Shortcuts page

Shortcuts are texts that you have written and saved in our service. So instead of typing, for example, the same welcome message whenever you start chatting with one visitor, you can use the shortcuts. You just have to write only a few letters and the matched shortcuts will be displayed, so you easily select the one you want. On this page, you can assign new shortcuts or edit existing ones.

Sounds settings page

On this page, you can configure various sound alerts of the onWebChat platform.

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