The Benefits of using Live-Chat services

Offering support through Live-chat services can incredibly improve your customers level of satisfaction.

Still wondering why? Well, don’t worry, we’ll explain everything to you right away.

We all know or have experienced how the times are changing and so is the way we communicate.

Here at onWebChat we want to give you the best of the best, so we will explain you why and what are many benefits you can accomplish with your online business just by using a live chat support service.

When we look back in history we understand how Customer Service has been constantly in a process of changing. What we call Customer Service as we used to know it has in recent times been modified from using face-to-face dialogues, phone support calls and now live chat services. We have to mentioned as well that even the way we communicate with our friends and even in our work environment. There has been an innovation from the traditional form of voice telephone calls to communication via instant messaging (whatsapp, facebook messenger, etc.) And given the fact of the recent digital era in which we are living now, the expectations and demands of customers are increasing. Therefore, increasing as well the relevance of customer service in the digital environment

Now that we understand how your customers can interact on internet and people in general. We want to give you our top 3 benefits of why you should definitely start using live chat services.

All right now let’s move onto why you should be using this service!

Top 3 benefits why you should be using Live Chat software

1. Real-Time Interaction

The real problem with most online businesses is that they lack on instant response to their clients. We know that recently people in general or customers especially those who spend more time on the internet, they require immediate attention to their needs, doubts, requirements or complaints. That's why using an instant communication tool such as live chat can connect with your potential customer or buyer in real time answering all their question with efficiency.

Live chat is way better than a traditional call center. I'll tell you why. How often have we needed to call in order to get support from a vendor? how painful is it to be on hold waiting for someone to assist you? how difficult can be to talk to a machine so that your call can be redirected to the right department? and lastly how disappointing it can be when they hang up your call and you have to start over? There are many more reasons, however, rather than waiting on hold listening to awful IVR's or cheeky music, live chat offers an instant connection to a real person. A live chat service gives your customers instant access to be supported.

Don’t let your customers waiting for long periods of hold, get the fastest access to your customer now with live chat.

2. Reduce support costs & Increase sales

There have been many studies that prove how live chat services can be way beneficial to your pocket as well to your profits. I'll try to explain this shortly, even though this could be some information that you might already be aware of.

When it comes to support expenses or call centers we enter to a vast life of notable expenses. In comparison to that Live chat services allow your employees to handle multiple chats simultaneously, while on traditional phone support your employee is probably able to attend one customer per call or an email at once. Therefore, with less time spent on the phone, you open the door to more conversations and potential sales. It's a matter of time and efficiency

How can it increase the sales of your business? This can be easily explained, for instance, imagine if you have an online store and the live chat service set up to pop up at any time you get a visitor. Most people can be very skeptical of buying things they don't fully understand and make it through checkout alone. By having a direct connection with your potential buyer, guiding or explain any questions allows you to build trust to close a real sale. It'll indeed help eliminate any doubts away from their mind and ensure your customer wilt make it through the full checkout.

3. Improve your Customer Service

Live-chat services is a by far the best opportunity to improve your customer support and provide the best customer experience for your online business. The perks of using a live chat service are abundant. Installing and setting a live-chat system can provide your teamwork with an extended number of chat histories that you can use to analyze and identify your customer's behaviors as well and the most common issues. You can save time by creating templates or canned message to speed up your chat interactions. You can share useful content such as images, links, documents that improve your support levels way more than traditional customer channels. Above all is a free channel for your customer, so they can use it whenever they need or wish, so there aren't going to be any obstacles for them interacting with your online business. In addition, monitoring your customer interactions can incredibly increase your business quality and success.

Worth to mention as well an important fact. "Live chat services have the highest levels of satisfaction rates within all customer service channels." The main reasons are the ability to answer questions quickly, the fact of being able to do multitasking when communicating and it's as the best method of communication currently.

So now is your turn, if you want to succeed with your online business don’t think more about using a Live Chat service, we guarantee that your customer will love and you as well!

Did you like what you’ve read? feel attracted? Start your free trial with onWebChat today!

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