The Importance Of Customer Service For Your Company
By Jaime S.
- 8th January 2019

Did you ever wonder how important is customer support for your business? It might be that you know but worth to check some innovate tips! Learn how to build a long-term relationship with customers.

In general, people seek and stay where they feel good, are accepted and are given attention, whether in a personal, commercial or business relationship. On the other hand, they will try to stay away from anything that causes them a negative experience, be it lack of respect and attention or bad treatment.

In the case of businesses, if a customer has an inappropriate experience, they might look elsewhere for products and services and leave with the competition. Worse yet, they may share their bad experience with family, friends, neighbors, or co-workers. Something that you as a business person would never want.

That's why it's essential that large or small businesses focus their efforts on providing excellent customer service in order to retain customers for the long term.

In many cases companies often believe that the process of a customer ends just when they make their purchase, but what happens to the after-sales service such as customer support? It’s very common to notice that after closing a sale the user loses value in the processes of the company and begins to give importance, once again, to new leads.

So it’s important for companies to understand that sales opportunities with a customer never end. Their satisfaction should be the most important thing. A happy customer could become your best strategy, either to buy more products, or to bring more customers to your business through voice to voice.

Several times brands or corporate businesses do not realize that a customer dissatisfied with a product provided by you could lead to becoming their worst enemy. A dissatisfied customer can literally destroy your reputation with only a simple social networking post that manages to be spread out.

However, achieving your customers satisfaction is not a magical process that occurs simply when they begin to use your product and feel pleased with it, whatever that might be. NB: It’s crucial to offer them more benefits that achieve loyalty with your brand.

Here is where the after-sales services, such as technical or customer support, come into play.

Providing quality products will not be enough, say for example one of your client doesn’t find any help in your company (or website) if your product has an irregularity. Let's see why it becomes such an important step for companies:

1. Greeting

Within a business environment, a greeting should be ideally beginning with something like 'Good morning' or 'Good afternoon'.

  • 'Good morning, My name is... how may I help you?'
  • 'Good afternoon, I'm... how can I help you today?'
  • 'Good morning/afternoon! Welcome to (Company Name). My name is... How may I help you today?'

Whenever you receive a chat, the first thing you should do is greet and make them feel welcome. You can either choose to go formal or informal, up to you. However, remember to don’t forget including your name since this personalized more your interaction with your visitor.

  • 'Hi there, how can I help you? :)'
  • 'I'm..., Is there anything I can assist you with?'

Try to make sure to use a message that sound natural for your visitors, remember we are all human therefore we should treat them as so. Another tip, be empathic, show with your messages that you’re happy when they visit your website or are part of your business.

2. Confirmation Request

Every time you get a new visitor or customer signing in a chat, they usually type in the description what the reason of contact should be. So before we start the conversation, we should confirm what the real question or problem is. Here are some ideal questions.

  • '(Customer Name), thank you for reaching out to us. We have received your message regarding... We're working on... And as soon as we... We'll keep you informed'
  • '(Customer Name), I understand you need help with …I will be more than happy to assist you…'

If the customer issue isn't clear to be afraid to ask.

  • '(Customer Name),… I see you're having problems with… Is that right?'
  • 'Could you please let me know what the problem is in order to assist you?'

Always remember to confirm what the problem is so you can avoid wasting your time and your customer time as well.

3. Pause time

While working as a live chat agent there will be a time where maybe you don’t know the exact answer to the question. Or you need to double check the information before confirming it to your customer.

  • '(Customer Name), I'm checking this for you… please don't log off of the chat'
  • '(Customer Name), we are working on this matter for you… I will be back in a second'
  • 'Sorry (Customer Name). This is something I rather confirm before, so do you mind waiting for a minute?'
  • 'I will contact our department in charge of that and get back to you as soon as possible. Is that ok with you?'

4. Prices, Plans or Procedures

Whether you’re selling something or supporting something, there’s always information that stands on behalf your product or brand. Typically when we have customers asking the same question over and over. We understand to save time it’s better to create a canned response about it.

  • 'Thank you for contacting us! we offer a vast list of protection plans that I’m sure you’d be interested in. With regards to your description, I’d highly recommend this plan… (explain plan benefits)... Let me know if that sounds good to you'
  • 'Correct, our price for this product is… However, since we value you as a faithful customer we are willing to give you a discount of 20% for the item... Do you wish to process the order with credit card or PayPal?'
  • '(Customer Name) thank you for contacting in regards to this matter, please check this article since it explains exactly how to fix the issue you’re currently experiencing. (link) I’ll be here if you have any doubts.'
  • '(Customer Name) please make sure to follow this guidance (link) and let me know if you have any questions by replying to this chat or my confirmation email that will be sent to you once we end this chat session'

5. Resolution

Once you have resolved a customer issue or concern, it’s important to indicate it and make sure is like that. For instance; if we try to avoid confirming this we can lack in resolution during the first contact provoking the customer to come back with the same issue. This will create duplicate tickets and have the customer doing through all the issue explanation again.

  • '(Customer Name) have we resolved all of your questions? or is there any other concern that we can help you with?'
  • 'Thank you (Customer Name) for reaching out to us again. Have we resolved all your questions/ concerns?'
  • 'Is there anything else I can help you with? If you have any questions, please don't hesitate in letting me know'

At this point, you can assure if the customer is indeed sure that all their questions have been answered therefore finish the chat. In addition, you can use this to send a canned response to the farewell.

  • 'Thank you for contacting us at (Company Name) We really appreciate your business and hope to continue with you.'
  • 'It has been a pleasure to help you today. Please come back to our live chat support at any time you need help! We are available 24/7.'

So with this, we end our article about 5 phrases ideas you should bear in mind when you decide to start creating your canned responses. There are perhaps other subjects that I might have forgotten to add. But I will probably use them for the next upcoming articles!

Following these advises will help you provide an excellent customer support experience.

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Jaime Soto


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