Live-Chat and eCommerce

Improve your customer support, get feedback from your customers, personalize your sales, and increase your followers on social media or subscribers on your mailing lists.

Let's see how all of the above can be done with just one tool — a live - chat service.

Improved Customer Support

With triggers, you can welcome your visitors as you would in a physical store. Among other things, this welcome can easily remove the reluctance that a new customer may have before making their first purchase.

Offering help to customers so they can choose the right products for themselves is very important in specialized stores, as is keeping them happy by helping them solve any problems or difficulties they may face after the purchase.

Increase Sales

Offer discounts to customers and increase your sales by creating discount coupons on specific products and sending them via live-chat automated messages (triggers). This is a great way to start conversations with your visitors.

Avoid leaving the checkout page when the visitor encounters difficulties, via automated messages and offering help at this crucial moment.

With automated messages you can even propose more expensive products or product combinations, thus achieving up-sales.

Get Feedback from Chats

Get valuable feedback from your customers with the live-chat system in two different ways. The immediate way is to have your customer report a complaint or something they like about your store, which is more likely to happen than sending an email.

The second is to analyze your chat history and notice which topics your customers are looking for help with, thus continually improving your e-shop.

Increase Followers and Subscribers

Through live-chat dialogs with your customers, you will find those who want immediate and quick answers, as well as some who are more talkative. You can easily ask the latter if they are interested in getting information on offers or discounts and subscribing to your mailing list, or direct them to your social media.

Just like face-to-face contact in a physical store, at the e-shop, a good live-chat experience can make a big difference to the overall image of the store, and thus help to increase sales.

You can try onWebChat live-chat service FREE for one month, and find out how you can grow your business.

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